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About Charlie

Charlie is a founding partner and the Creative Director of One Up.  During his 25 year-career in film and TV he has produced content for major broadcasters on both sides of the Atlantic - from the BBC and Channel 4 to NBC and Discovery. His list of television credits includes the BAFTA award-winning Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Take-Away and the RTS award-winning The Hotel Inspector, along with a host of other hit shows: Ibiza Weekender, Pineapple Dance Studios and The Jump, to name a few., 

Before graduating to the role of producer/director, Charlie plied his trade as a floor manager and 1st assistant director for more than a decade. In this time he was lucky enough to work alongside a who's who of actors, sports stars and musicians - including Will Smith, Ricky Gervais, Lewis Hamilton and Lady Gaga.


SInce 2017, Charlie has worked exclusively in esports production. He is the proud owner of two Emmy awards for his work on The League of Legends World Championship Finals


Charlie was born and raised in Highbury, North London, and spent his early years surviving life on the notorious Marquess Estate. A fifteen year-old drop out, he quit school in 1992 to pursue a career as a rave promoter and drum & bass DJ, earning mediocre success and a permanent case of tinutus.  Five years (and many a late night) later, he landed his first role in production on a show called Robot Wars.; a job which mainly consisted of lighting cigarettes for his childhood idol, Craig Charles.  Needless to say, he hasn't looked back since. 

These days Charlie can be found living in Devon with his wife Jo and thier children, Alfie and Florence. He remains an avid collector of old-school vinyl and lifelong supporter of his boyhood football club, Arsenal FC. 

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